Who Scored an Advertising Touchdown? The CCG Refs Discuss.

Commercials aired during the Super Bowl have long been considered “the best of the best.” Reaching millions of viewers (and costing millions of dollars), these ads are companies’ time to shine – or fail miserably. So what did the Linda Costa Communications Group team think of this year’s offering? See our highlights reel below.

I loved HomeAway’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo from the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise because it was nostalgic. My favorite line was when Chase thought that the hotel water he was getting was complimentary. And the hotel clerk responded, “No, sir. It’s complementary water – with an “e.” Meaning it complements the room and isn’t free.” -Doreen

I liked the Denny’s Chickens Across America commercial advertising the free Grand Slam breakfast. Any commercial that’s funny – and genuinely makes me laugh out loud – is considered a win in my book, and Denny’s had me at chicken astronaut trying to scream in space. While you won’t find me waiting in line for my free Grand Slam, I will remember the ad. However, this also begs the question, last year people waited for hours to receive a free Grand Slam breakfast without the Super Bowl ad, or really any advertising at all. Were three runs at upwards of $3 million a pop (estimated cost) really necessary? Or were the ads just meant to increase brand awareness?  -Brooke

Although the screaming chickens for Denny’s commercials made me chuckle, my favorite Super Bowl commercial goes to the Doritos “House Rules” commercial. There was a literal “LOL” moment. Doritos had the second most commercial spots, behind Budweiser so the odds were good. Doritos never disappoints! -Ashley

My favorite Super Bowl commercials are usually from Budweiser and while this year’s Clydesdale vs. a bull race didn’t disappoint, as a dog lover, my vote goes to Doritos. I’m referring to the commercial featuring a guy taunting a dog (wearing a bark collar) to bark for a chip. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching the dog get revenge by removing the collar and putting it on the guy, then stealing the bag of Doritos and barking every few seconds to shock him? So funny! -Kelly

Although the Doritos commercials made me laugh the most, I found the contrast between job search competitors Monster and CareerBuilder interesting. While CareerBuilder reused their usual theme of employees disliking their jobs and wanting a new one (i.e., 2009, 2008, 2007), Monster went a different route with their fiddling beaver commercial. During a time when many are unemployed, I think Monster made the viewers smile, whereas CareerBuilder may not have connected with as many people. Plus, past Super Bowl favorites have shown us that you can never go wrong with animals. –Jenni

My favorite was probably the E*Trade commercial about the girlfriend – especially when Lindsey comes on the screen at the end and says, “Milk-a-what?” I laughed out loud. I am a total sucker for the E*Trade baby commercials, every year.

The only one I re-watched right after it finished was Audi’s “Green Police” video. I didn’t particularly like the commercial … but they had an anteater on a leash at: 41. Watching it again was obligatory. –Alexis