“Swan Goals” – Tips On How To ‘Stay Afloat’ During Your Summer Internship

Caleb Liptak - Summer 2015 Intern

This summer, some celebrities are spending their time lounging in the pool on inflatable swans … But me? I’m taking a different approach to “swans” as I pursue my professional goals and immerse myself in the wonderful world of Costa Communications Group. Here are some tips for how to “stay afloat” during your summer internship.

Stay available – Always make yourself available as a resource for everyone. Don’t ever turn down an opportunity to work on a project, because every bit of work is important and needed. Looking for extra work is also a great way to learn, and getting involved in a myriad of projects will not only help you learn about the great work that the agency does, but also about how to best serve clients.

Wonder out loud – Always be ready and willing to ask questions. This is not only a great way to learn, but also to show your enthusiasm and willingness to gain new insight.

Always double-check your work – Whether you are entering data on a spreadsheet, or a pitching a story to the media, you should always proof it carefully. As an intern, you’re a representative of the agency, and you’re responsible for upholding the reputation, just like any other employee.

Notice the work that others do – You have the opportunity to be in a workplace where everyone is enthusiastic and keeps best practices in mind at all times. A lot can be learned simply from observing how other team members go about their work.

While the “swanning” trend will probably not be around forever, I know the skills and knowledge that I gain this summer will stay with me long into my PR career. The people I have had the privilege to work with have been incredible role models and coaches to me thus far, and I am extremely thankful for the amazing opportunity to work with all of them.


Caleb Liptak is CCG’s summer PR and marketing intern.