140 Characters or Less: PR/Marketing Professionals

Recently, we challenged local journalists to describe how social media has changed their job description in 140 characters or less. The idea was inspired by this Los Angeles Times article. In this post, we wanted to share some answers from the perspective of some of Central Florida’s public relations and marketing professionals, including:

Do you think being active on Twitter makes you a better PR/marketing professional? Why or why not?

  • Jennifer Wakefield: Yes. Twitter is an excellent business intelligence tool.
  • Carlos Herrera: Better – Yes. I think using/understanding SM tools like Twitter complements what we do. It’s all about communication.
  • Jennifer Bisbee: Twitter sharpens my business acumen. It’s my best professional development tool.
  • Jamie Floer: Twitter definitely strengthens my PR skills because it is an active communications tool that is dynamic, evolving.

How has social media made your job easier or harder?

  • Jennifer Wakefield: It’s a toss-up. Easier in that there is more info. Harder in that there is more info.
  • Carlos Herrera: Easier. It’s been great for getting/sharing info, networking & brainstorming. It’s also a good way to clear your mind on a short break.
  • Jennifer Bisbee: Neither. As an insatiable curious student of communications, I welcome SM for all it offers.
  • Jamie Floer: SM makes my job not easier or harder but different … PR has changed from static to more immediate, empowering.

Describe your Twitter personality in three words:

  • Jennifer Wakefield: Short. Social. Informative.
  • Carlos Herrera: Sarcastic, Entertaining, Interested.
  • Jennifer Bisbee: Generous. Engaging. Appreciative.
  • Jamie Floer: Professional, personal, prolific.

A special thanks to all the journalists and PR/marketing professionals who shared their thoughts in 140 characters.