Social Networks Help Tip the Scales to Healthy

National trends reveal America’s growing concern for health and nutrition. As a result, companies have adapted internal values, product offerings and marketing strategies to fit customers’ desire for smaller portions, fewer calories and healthier substitutes. But let’s face it, individual and societal habits are hard to change, and simply offering healthier options doesn’t necessarily translate into lower percentages of obesity.

Miriam Nelson, author of The Social Network Diet: Change Yourself, Change Your World, suggests the effectiveness of community-focused “Change Clubs” as a primary means of encouraging healthy lifestyles among Americans. She advocates the power of social networking — in conjunction with government, schools and businesses — in reducing obesity. Interestingly, research studies observe correlations between people gaining or losing weight and others in their social circle following suit. If one person loses weight, his/her spouse, siblings, or friends are also likely to shed pounds due to shared environments and exercise.

Nelson has successfully established eight community “Change Clubs” focused on adapting the environment and creating a volunteer network to inspire healthy lifestyles. Read more about Miriam’s story in this recent USA Today article and discover how to positively affect your social network. Who knows … you just may gain more friends and lose a few pounds at the same time.


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