Shhhhhh … Your Audience is Listening

In line at the grocery store. At the dentist’s office. Waiting for your appetizer. They’re everywhere … professionals who can’t stop talking on their cell phones.

Doctors have HIPPA. Lawyers have attorney-client privilege. Communication professionals, those who should know better than anyone else, don’t have much holding them back from saying whatever they want, whenever they want.

In today’s age of rampant video phones, real-time updates and microblogs, I continue to be shocked at the amount of information people will share when they’re on their cell phones in public. Case in point: The other day while I was in line at an ATM, a well-suited woman standing in front of me was talking on her phone regarding her clients’ not-so-fantastic views of the media and how she planned on “dealing with them.” Although I could tell you what company she worked for, I won’t. Although I could tell you how she felt about a particular news team, I won’t. And although I could even tell you how she felt about that particular client, I won’t.

But the point is, I could if I wanted to.

So please, keep in mind who is around when you’re discussing clients, or anyone else for that matter. Personally, I don’t care. But someone out there does. And you never know who will be listening.


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