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One of the funniest blog posts I’ve read in a long time was from PR Daily. In case you missed it, the blog listed 12 of this decade’s most irritating words and phrases. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of using quite a few of these words (namely “amazing” and “just a thought”). So in the spirit of a little comedic relief at the beginning of the work week, here’s a list of the most overused words and phrases in the workplace.

  • Going/moving forward – Doesn’t have any implication of real-time, so no one is actually responsible for the outcome.
  • Take a stab at – Condescending.
  • Duly noted – Meaning “I hear you, but I’ll most likely dismiss your idea the minute you leave my office.” If you disagree with this, check out how “duly noted” is defined by Urban Dictionary.
  • Throw this out there – Used to preface what is most likely a bad idea. Just throw these words out of your vocabulary already.
  • Friendly reminder – Not really intended to be friendly. It actually means “Get whatever is due to me pronto or I’ll really be upset.”
  • Throw him/her under the bus – Somehow less violent than using the word “backstabbing.”

You should add your “speak” to the list. Just a thought.

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