What You Don’t Say Speaks Volumes

We’ve all heard that nonverbal cues make up more than 50 percent of our overall communication. This means that what you don’t say reveals a lot, including clues into your character, emotions, anxiety level, etc. Awareness of body language is a key point in all media training.

Take for instance, body language expert Kevin Hogan’s analysis of Bill Clinton when the former President made the infamous statement, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…” Although Clinton is left-handed, he used his right hand when making the comment. According to Hogan, pointing with the non-dominant hand signals either anxiety or lying. Something so subtle indicated that Clinton’s words were not truthful.

So the next time you watch an interview, identify whether the person is comfortable on camera – and why. Take a look at the interview below of Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal and find out what you can flag.

Wendy Gustama is an account coordinator at Linda Costa Communications Group. She prepares clients with talking points … as well as tips on nonverbal communication.


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