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By Kali Kupp

On my first day at Linda Costa Communications Group as the new summer intern, I walked up to the front doors hoping to gain professional experience and provide valuable service. In these past five weeks, I’ve learned plenty about PR and marketing as well as enjoyed working in this welcoming, upbeat atmosphere. Undoubtedly, this internship has already provided me with irreplaceable professional experience and growth. Beyond that, I have found that the benefits of working in a communications group go deeper than the professional level. These skills will enhance my everyday life – especially as I return to college this fall.

Here are just a few life lessons I’ve gleaned so far from marketing and PR:

  • Learn to communicate … with everyone.

We communicate every day; it’s a natural part of life. Learning to tell people in a succinct manner what you do, what you like, and what you know is an important tool both professionally and socially. In college, I interact with classmates, professors and advisors, who all require me to utilize different types of communication strategies. PR and marketing professionals know how to communicate and appeal to every type of audience. Do you?

  • Social media can be a tool … use it professionally.

Just as PR practitioners use different social media platforms to promote clients, you can use these tools to effectively build your own “online footprint” and market yourself to friends and followers. Anyone can look at your profile – therefore, be wise and use it to your advantage. To benefit my “online footprint,” I have decided to build a website portfolio that will communicate my professional experience and differentiate my resume.

  • Create a compelling message … about yourself.

During my marketing class last spring, my professor frequently reminded us that we will always use marketing by “selling our image.” Marketing, as well as PR, focuses on promoting a brand, which requires an ample amount of analysis, strategy and interesting content. Similarly, we have the opportunity to promote ourselves every day, whether it be to a potential employer, friend, or date (my marketing teacher’s favorite example). How we present ourselves becomes our “brand,” and we must learn to own it.

I hope these tidbits from the communications world will benefit you as you become your own personal public relations agent and marketer!

Kali is the CCG summer PR and Marketing Intern. She will be a junior at Clemson University this fall and is majoring in graphic communications.


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