A Healthy Approach to the Editing Process

By Wendy Gustama

As PR professionals, we often put ourselves out there with our writing. Because it’s so personal, it’s easy to feel vulnerable when someone has to edit your work.

If approached from the wrong angle, this process can become a constant challenge. Whether it’s a red pen – or green in the CCG house – here are a few ways to handle the editing and proofing process:

  • Understand it’s not personal. If you insist on being married to your ideas, the harder it becomes to accept critiques with an open heart. It’s OK to divorce yourself from your writing. In discomfort, we often experience the most growth.
  • Ask for insight beyond the written feedback. Proofreader’s marks only tell half the story. In order to understand how your editor interprets your piece, you need to ask questions.
  • Take it or leave it. Not all marks on your press release or communications plan are worth keeping. Remember, you have the background knowledge. If you notice an edit that’s not quite right, discuss it with your editor to find a solution together.

Writing is an art form, and as with most works of art, it should be handled with care. The job of your editor is not to scar you, but help you present your ideas the best way possible.

Wendy Gustama is an account executive who is known to edit her friends and colleagues on social media.


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