A Year of Growth

Celebrating my first anniversary with CCG, I’m feeling a little nostalgic about “where it all began.” For me, CCG has been a place of learning and growth, both professionally and personally.

I was recently promoted to an account executive position, and with this honor comes a new level of responsibility. While I have retained some responsibilities from my previous position, I am also being tasked with new ones every day. I’ve found this transition from account coordinator to account executive has become a balancing act of relinquishing old, familiar tasks while welcoming new, unfamiliar ones. To young professionals, this can seem daunting and, at times, intimidating.

For those in a similar position, I wanted to share some advice that I plan on taking myself.

• Leverage your mentors. Look to seasoned colleagues for advice and insight.
• Ask questions. You are not expected to know everything.
• Get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to take on new challenges.
• Be confident. Believing in yourself is the first step to success in a new position.

I believe in order to be successful in a new role, a person must have the confidence to push themselves outside their comfort zone. I also believe this will be my biggest challenge in the coming weeks as I transition into this elevated role. Each day there is a new task, a new deadline and a new adventure to learn from. A year from now, I hope to look back and think, “What an exciting time in my career!”

Walking into work this morning, I realized how blessed I am. I work for an agency that cultivates and inspires professional growth. I am surrounded by colleagues who have been where I am now in their careers, and are always more than willing to offer advice and guidance to help me achieve my goals. I have already learned so much in one year. But I know I still have a long way to go. I look forward to the new challenges that await me and the experiences I will gain from them as I continue to progress in my career.

Kelly Cole is an account executive on the PR team.


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