The Super Bowl’s Pre-Game Advertising Blitz

February 3, 2012 by Vanessa

Millions of Americans will gather around their TVs this Sunday to watch the Super Bowl, and although most people enjoy watching the actual game, many viewers (like me!) are also looking forward to the commercials. With an average of $3.5 million for a 30-second ad, big game advertisers like Coca-Cola and Volkswagen are working to build momentum for their marketing investment. This year, many companies are actually advertising their Super Bowl advertisements, and USA Today even published an article about this trend.

Coca-Cola recently launched billboard and bus shelter ads with its famous polar bears inviting you to watch the game along with them. The company will also be streaming live video featuring the bears reacting to all of the game plays. And Volkswagen posted on its Facebook page an online video teaser with dogs barking the Imperial March tune from Star Wars (which has gotten 10 million views).

These teasers aren’t hyping the products themselves — they’re touting the brands. For many companies, the ad investment justifies the pre-game push if it builds buzz.

How do you think Super Bowl advertising has changed over the years? And do you think the pre-ad Super Bowl buildup is worth the extra effort?

Vanessa Tostes will be cheering on the good Super Bowl commercials this year … along with the New York Giants.


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