What I Learned After 25 Acts of Kindness

By Wendy Gustama

Last Friday, I reached a huge milestone and turned 25 … a quarter of a century old! To celebrate, I completed 25 acts of kindness, ranging from dropping off donuts at the local fire station to leaving a dollar at the laundromat. Though tough to complete it all, it was so rewarding by the end of the day.

One of my biggest takeaways was that people aren’t used to someone being thoughtful for no reason. For instance, when I asked to speak to the manager during my birthday dinner, I could already see the dismal look begin to form on his face, his reluctant steps to my table and the rehearsed apology forming on his lips. When I told him I simply wanted to praise my waitress, he was completely taken aback!

What can we as PR professionals learn from this? Compliments go a long way. In the midst of your pitching today, take a look through your Rolodex, Evernote app or wherever you keep your contacts, and send someone a thank you note.

25 acts of kindness1


25 acts of kindness2


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