In Defense of the Phone Call


Among all the generalizations made about twenty-something millennials, one of the most common is that we’re addicted to our phones. Ironically, however, we aren’t addicted to phones for their original purpose – allowing us to dial a number and engage in a verbal conversation with the person on the other end. Times have changed, and with that, so has our go-to way of communicating.

We now live in a world where texting, email and social media are available to us at all times, right in the palms of our hands. We have the ability to say something to multiple people all at once without having to physically speak, and we can edit a message before clicking “send” or “post.” Phone calls were once the only method of communicating quickly and efficiently; now, they are merely an option. This, in my opinion, is what makes them special.

I work in the public relations department at CCG as an account coordinator, and I’ve experienced first-hand just how much of an impact a phone call can make when it comes to building relationships and reaching desirable outcomes. I communicate with reporters on a daily basis – reporters who typically receive hundreds of emails a day, making it difficult for one single message or story to stand out. Almost every time I’ve called a reporter for a friendly follow-up to an unanswered email, I’ve actually helped them find an email they didn’t even know existed. It’s a win-win situation – I help them sort through their inbox and I get to introduce myself in a more personable matter. The email puts you out there … but the phone call makes you memorable.

There isn’t a “delete” or “backspace” option during a phone call – which is probably why we’ve gotten so comfortable communicating electronically – but there is a price to pay for that comfort. So, if you want to be the twenty-something millennial who defies the odds, be the one who picks up the phone, dials a number and adds your voice. After all, we are the future, and the voices of the future should be heard.

Stephanie Goenaga is an Account Coordinator at Linda Costa Communications Group. 


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